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Support our clyde charter

SIFT has drafted a Clyde Charter of three key demands we want from Marine Scotland, which manages the Firth of Clyde fishery on behalf of the Scottish people. Please back the Clyde Charter by joining our list of supporters.

We promise not to share your details with any third parties,
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We urgently need your support for the following key principles:

1. Revive the Firth of Clyde marine environment.

2. Support a diverse fishery, boosting jobs and the local economy.

3. Promote fisheries management based on local input and scientific advice.

Find out more details on the Clyde Charter.


There are many ways you can help and spread the word of the campaign…

Spread the word

If you like this campaign please share this website on your social networks. Or tell your mates about it when you are next down the chippy. Everything helps.

Become a Clyde Champion

We want to encourage Clyde Champions to spread the word in their local community. Why not contact us to find out more about how you could help the campaign in your area by providing information and generally helping out the campaign even giving talks to local Clyde organisations. Each champion will receive a campaign pack to help spread the message. If you’re interested drop our Campaign coordinator Morven Robertson an email at

Thanks for your help reviving the Clyde.